The Acne Program @ Citrus 

Many clients have succeeded in getting clear and staying clear with our comprehensive acne program.

We will work closely with you and be your coach, guiding you to clear skin. Using in-office treatments and custom home care products, you will begin to see your skin become healthier and blemishes diminish. You will be aware of things that can trigger breakouts and be confident in maintaining your clear skin.

Certified Acne Specialist
Work One on One
Pro Treatments
visits every 2 weeks
Action Plan
Workbook and tips
Powerful Products
Specific for YOUR skin
Holistic approach
diet and lifestyle review
Supplemental Therapy
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On your first visit, you will meet with a certified acne specialist to review your acne history, diet, and activities ( there are many things that can contribute to acne!) 

Treatment starts your first visit after your skin is assessed, tested for sensitivity, and photographed for progress pictures.

You will be given detailed instructions for your customized home care products. The products have potent ingredients and are tailored just for you.

Follow up visits will be scheduled every 2 weeks for a treatment and to strengthen your homecare.

On average it can take 90 days to clear. Between treatment visits, you can take advantage of LED therapy to further minimize redness and promote healing.


Your initial consultation includes your first treatment  $100

Face reality Acne Treatments  $80

 - includes cleansing, enzyme or peel exfoliation, extractions

Initial Product Set (full-size products for morning and evening)  approx $150- $200.

After that, you will only need to purchase products as you need to replenish them.

Powerful Products

Specific for YOUR skin